Plastic Tides Youth Internship – Wild Foraging

On the expedition we ate cattails, thimble berries and made sumac lemonade


Thimble berries are a cross between raspberries and black-caps


Wild edibles and medicinals guide-book


‘Sumac Lemonade’, is made by seeping the drupes in cool water, rubbing them to extract the essence, straining the liquid, and sweetening it (we used honey)


Sumacs are flowering plants in the genus Rhus. Sumacs grow in subtropical and temperate regions throughout the world, especially in Africa and North America. In North America, sumac is used to make a beverage termed “sumac-ade”, “Indian lemonade”, or “rhus juice”. Native Americans also use the leaves and drupes of the smooth and staghorn sumacs combined with tobacco in traditional smoking mixtures.