Hawaii month 2- Meditation voyage and other adventures


Starting october 1st, I joined about a hundred thousand people on a month-long mindfulness summit. Every day, for 31 days I have the opportunity to listen to outstanding speakers and be motivated to join others in a daily mindfulness routine. Check out my blog around October 31st to read about the highlights and my experiences.


A meditation maze at the church I go to for Zumba classes.


    These are ‘kukui’ nuts, not a native tree but a great non-invasive introduced tree. the nuts provide oil, which is why another common name is the ‘candlenut tree’, because the oil used to be used for candles.


I found Bengal Almonds from the Terminalia catappa tree!


Nature and art. This is the fruit of ‘Hala’, a Hawaiian native tree. It is also referred to as the ‘paintbrush tree’ because when dried the fruits can be used as brushes. This fruit is edible and has an array of medicinal properties



Getting ready for a day in the field, coffee and goldenberries ! These berries, also called inca berries or Peruvian ground cherries are closely related to tomatillo and members of the genus Physalis. Compared to other small berries they are higher in protein and vitamin A, but much lower in sugar. They are perennials, tangy, tart and sweet!


Forest findings: mores self mushrooms!

Hilo Bay from Coconut Island:



Bengal almond and coconut tree overstory




thrift-store visit and some old Hawaiian books


perched on a root at Coconut Island