Hawaii month 3!

Week-end  highlights. 

One of the best week-ends yet was an invitation hike some of the prettiest waterfalls on the Big Island: Rainbow falls. We hiked along the lava rock, dropped our bags off and then meandered up the waterfalls, climbing, jumping in the water, climbing and jumping back into these beautiful pools .


Rainbow falls (the small ones! )


Patagonia Provisions salmon, quinoa, perennial kale, zucchini, tomatoes on a miconia leaf. Although this leaf is beautiful it is an invasive species that we are getting rid of in our field sites.


my friend Sarah playing Ukelele

On the way back we got poured on, just like one would on a typical Hawaiian day! My friend Sarah invited me to her Uncle’s ‘day party’ about 20 minutes away. As I arrived there were a few familiar faces, and after a little while I realised these were all ecologists! It’s definitely nice to go to a gathering of like-minded people. This wasn’t any sort of gathering, it was a ‘jamming session’ as everyone pulled out their musical talents! Some played guitar, others sang, others played the jambe, and one talented man imitated the trumpet with the sound of his voice!

All in all, a week-end I won’t forget!




Here I am standing in my research field. You can’t tell by the picture but there is a gigantic hole caused by the ‘a’a’ lava substrate our site is situated on


is moving along. I had to undertake a gigantic literature review to find biomass equations for the species that are planted in our research plots. Unfortunately I din’t not find much, which is disappointing but good at the same time, since my field measurements will be contributing to the agroforestry literature.  Often the most promising articles are in Indonesian, Indian or French! Thank you Google translate for making my life easier!

One thing I realised is that because the plant names are in Latin, ecologists, botanists, plant scientists … etc have access to a lot more  resources than scientists in other fields of study because search engines use Latin names which opens up access to the international literature that might otherwise be left out when looking for things in English.



lunch in the jungle !


in the back: semi ripe green papaya pickles, avocado from the neighbours and mamaki tea. Mamaki is a native Hawaiian tree that makes an excellent energising tea .


I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen a lot. This is a fermented drink made with my friend’s starter. She got it from a Japanese friend and it has been infused with 130 different plants. I added some starfruit for the fermentation do go a little faster.

I go to Zumba every Monday and even though I am not religious I really enjoy the prayer at the end. It is a reminder to be thankful for everything,  and I am surrounded by happy, compassionate people of which we need more of on this planet.