Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility

Plastic Tides is on the Lush Charity pot lids this week!

Lush has been very generous in helping us build community awareness about plastic pollution in Ithaca, Hawaii and Bermuda. We like this brand because they have eliminated single-use plastics from their products, with a line of ‘naked’ cosmetics and upcycled containers. Their Charity pots are made from post-consumer plastic, and if you bring 10 pots back to the store, you get one (full) for free!

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 19.45.55

“Your Lush black pot could have more lives than a cat. Made from a sturdy polypropylene plastic, these humble, recycled containers have more than one ace up their metaphorical sleeves.”


We particularly like their solid deodorant ‘Aromaco’, their wraps, their MICROBEAD FREE scrubs, and their SOLID shampoo, conditioners and sunblock: awesome for lightweight, leak-free traveling. + one shampoo puck can replace 3, 250mL shampoo bottles !

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 20.36.51

solid shampoo, aromaco deodorant and solid sunblock 

Yes, there are small amounts of non plant-based ingredients in their products, but eliminating single-use plastic is a great first step to addressing Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility. They list all their ingredients with links to where the ingredients come from and/or how they are extracted.

I’m also a big fan of their Sandalwood perfume, because it lasts a really long time. They also sell a comic book, ‘Smugglers Soul’ explaining the illegal trading of this tree. For someone who has studied  illegal sandalwood logging in Hawaii and sandalwood restoration projects, this type of consumer awareness is really important. Sandalwood is a very slow growing tree, and in order to extract the oil one has to chop down the tree to get to the ‘heartwood’ – the inner bark that contains the most aroma used for distillation .



You can read more about Lush’s Green Policy here. They are conscious about their energy,  transportation, and water usage and they don’t ‘green wash’.


I’m testing out a rose scrub!


solid shampoo! 


Christian testing out a chocolate scrub !


assortment of scrubs