Plastic Tides @ the Cayuga Lake SUP CuP

My Research

In 2014, I graduated from Cornell University with a BSc in Plant Science and developed a passion for perennial edible landscapes because of their potential to resolve food insecurity. As our food systems are deeply intertwined… Continue reading

Compost Tea

What is compost tea?  According to Oregon State University, Compost tea is a liquid extract of compost that contains plant growth compounds and beneficial microorganisms. Liquid extracts have been used for hundreds of… Continue reading

Plastic Tides Youth Internship – Wild Foraging

On the expedition we ate cattails, thimble berries and made sumac lemonade

Plastic Tides Science- Trawl Design

Plastic Tides is actively involved in sampling microbeads in the water. On our first expedition in Bermuda, we used a trawl designed by the Plastic Ocean Project that is dragged behind a boat to sample the floating… Continue reading

Plastic Tides Youth internship

As part of Plastic Tides’ efforts to educate children, Christian Shaw (project leader)  developed a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) board summer program for children to experience our some of our undertakings. (You can… Continue reading

Garden design Ithaca

One of my jobs for the summer is helping a couple of Cornell University professors with their garden work. (above) The area in front of the wall looked nasty because the contractor who… Continue reading

Plastic Tides @ Grassroots festival

This week-end,  I went to Grassroots Festival as a Plastic Tides representative to document plastic consumption. This festival, that attracts hippies from across the country is known to be sustainable – I went… Continue reading

week-end fun

Summer in Ithaca

Off I go for 2 months of work in Ithaca, my suitcase is full of research equipment, snorkeling & hiking gear and camping gear in case I need to camp-out at a research… Continue reading

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